expo [Man-Machine]

5.7 – 11.8.

thu/fri/sat/sun 14:00 – 18:00

Joseph Beuys

Jörg Bosshard

Camilo De Martino

Jérémie Hohl

Raphaël Julliard

Simon de Diesbach

Samson Guyomard

Elena Montesinos & Peter Viasselfelb

The Montesinos Foundation

Mika Vainio/Tommi Groenlund (PANSONIC)


Koko Komegné

Marion Baruch / Name Diffusion

MaRia de Fribourg

Daniel Pflumm

Frédéric Post

Nathalie Rebholz

Jorge Raka

Sidney Stucki

Nadia Solari

Jörg Lenzlinger & Gerda Steiner

One More Studio

Jean Tinguely

Piotr Dzulniewski

Daniel Knorr

Le Zeste

Serge Lowrider


Michel Ritter

Halle Grise

TECHNOCULTURE 2 [Man-Machine], is a modular art exhibition ​crafted as a time travelling machine. Part festival, part exhibition, the program proposes film projections, live music, parties and performance​s, as well as art installations and a presentation of historical artworks until the 11.08.

Les Archives du Futur Antérieur invites local and international artists to participate in the second edition of a pioneer exhibition about numeric art and electronic music. 21 years later, we look back with hindsight so as to witness the tremendous impact that technology ​has had on human life and how it ​has affected art and its perception

[Man-Machine] engages in a critical dialogue between life, death, art and technology. It is an attempt to reactivate a collective of artists to produce a new version of the show, some kind of remix. The numeric archive of the original show ​in1998 has been lost in the process of a curatorial direction transfer. This brings up the question of what happens to the archive of contemporary art and how its history is written.

The Halle Grise of the old Cardinal Brewery of Fribourg, becomes an art laboratory for the time of the exhibition open to experimentation and surprises to temporarily transform it into a horizontal cathedral. The building's industrial heritage tells the story of the recent changes in world production models and becomes the perfect context to drink a chinese beer and reflect on how technology is transforming human life.

To preserve the memory of both TECHNOCULTURE shows, les Archives du Futur Antérieur have launched the website, to make sure that they will be transmitted to future generations.

photos by félixbq/A+*