TECHNOCULTURE 2 FESTIVAL an art, music and technology festival from 25.5 until 11.08 located in the Halle Grise of blueFACTORY, in Fribourg, Switzerland. For 13 weeks, les Archives du Futur Antérieur propose a program of concerts, parties, performances, exhibitions, film screenings, conferences and youth and kids activities.

TECHNOCULTURE [Archive1998] a photographic exhibition of Eliane Laubscher with images of the 1998’s original art show at Fri-Art in Fribourg. The first edition of TECHNOCULTURE was curated by Michel Ritter, Adrien Laubscher, Franz Treichler and Sidney Stucki.
25.05 - 11.08

TECHNOCULTURE 2 [Man-Machine] a group show, with more than 30 contemporary artists from 5 generations and 4 continents. An art show about art, music and technology.
04.07 - 11.08

Les Archives du Futur Antérieur are giving a new life to TECHNOCULTURE, a concept and an exhibition born in the last century. 21 years after the first edition, we are connecting the past with the future, to reflect on what happened over the last 2 decades with two exhibitions, a film program, concerts, dj's, dance spectacles and .

TECHNOCULTURE 2 is a 12 weeks artistic event that mixes parties, concerts, exhibitions, installations, art, videos, performances, dance, virtual reality, graphic design, IMD, Afrofuturism, movies, kids workshops, talks, VR, augmented reality, shamanism, music, dj set, videogames, art history, and more, … TECHNOCULTURE 2 (TC2) is a polymorphic art event starting on may 25th in Fribourg Switzerland.

with a lot of fresh, unseen or rarely seen art, original content developed especialy for you by the artists.