women strike

14 JUIN 2019


To celebrate this extraordinary moment in the history of feminist struggle, TECHNOCULTURE 2 invite WOMEN'S STRIKE. A free screening of the movie Le Bal des Chattes Sauvages / Katzenball by Veronika Minder, wich was awarded a Golden Bear at the 2005 Berlinale to learn more about what it was to be a lesbian in switzerland back in the days. 6 fresh female dj from Freetown are taking over the dj booth for the official WOMEN'S STRIKE afterparty.

20h30 / FREE [videoclub]

Le bal des Chattes Sauvages / Katzenball
2005, Suisse, 85'
Veronika Minder, Film-documentaire

22h00 - 03h00 / PARTY / Free

Madame Xangò (FR) - It's All About the Rhythm
NGAMI (FR) - Tracks for Bad Bitches
Sativa (FR) - Hip Hop, Trap, Afrotrap, Baile Funk, RnB
Shema (FR) - Present Afrobeats
Wuwu (FR) - Trap, Hip Hop, Baile Funk, Dancehall
Big Gina (FR) - Old Butt Gold

Maelle Chenaux (FR) - VJ